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SmdCode Part No. Manufacturer Package Pin Memo Detail BOM
1M5 TC591902ECB Mcc SOT-23 3
LDO, -1.9V±2%, 200mA

1M5 XC6217B36AMR Tor SOT-25 5
LDO, 3.65V±2%, 200mA, +CE, CL, Shutdown

1M5 XC6102D636MR Tor SOT-25 5
3.6V±2%, Hst, -MR, -Reset ODO, Wt=1.6s, Rt=100ms

1M5 MIC5303-1.5YMT MICREL 4-Pin 1.2mm x 1.6mm Thin MLF 4
Single 300mA CMOS Ultra-Small ULDO


The top mark (marking code) on the chip of MMBD7000LT1G is M5C3. "M5C" is the top mark (marking code), and the "3" means batch number of 13 years.

So, when searching the top mark (marking code), please search M5C, then it will show the original model number of MMBD7000LT1G.

Vice versa, when searching the model number of MMBD7000LT1G, it will show the top mark (marking code) of M5C. top mark (marking code) searching can be of different combination.

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